Sunday, June 16, 2013


Just watched the old dragonball:evolution trailer. Hahahahaha :D Here's a link:

Step 1: Look at goku.
Step 2: Slap the director in your mind
Step 3:Wait for the next season of GoT.

Guy ritchie should make a dragonball movie

Goku and vegeta are fighting:
Goku dodges vegeta's attack and sneaks up behind him and throws a punch.
Vegeta: Kakarot you sneaky little bastard.
Goku: Fuck off you balding fuck
Frieza's mafia people set fire to earth and some feed namik to pigs and shit
A stark dies horribly


Pacific Rim. Amped for that. The trailer shown at Man of steel was better than the movie.
Punch off between monsters and giant robots. what else can a guy want?


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Untitled II


When the birds take cover,
In the misty hues of rain
My heart reminds me,
Of a beautiful pain

Moonlight sifting through the woods,
You were my fairytale
Now my castles in the air stand,
Weathered by the hail

You’re in every flower,
Each flap of a wing
You’re there when the sun sets,
And when bluebirds sing

Perched high on an empty paradise,
See we were meant to fall
It’s not like we speak your name,
But the silence says it all

Friday, August 5, 2011

Strange picture week #1

My phone has been acting weird lately,which I suppose is a step up from the usual not acting at all,or being stolen.
But really,it's been telling me that the battery I'm using is invalid.Now WTF is that supposed to mean?
I mean I'm almost certain I didn't insert AA cells this time.
It keeps typing 69 on the keypad on its own.even sending 69 messages to random people i dont even talk to .i wonder what kind of sex obsessed ghost haunts phones these days.

I've been HOOKED to classic rock these days. I think It rocks.It is the best thing in music.I think classis rock is CLASSIC.And I think it ROCKS.Like CLASSIC ROCK.I think it just fucking rules.I dont even think anymore.
But seriously,i love it. And it's probably because of Supernatural.
Yes,the show about hunting demons with the power of brotherly love,trash talk and hot chicks.
But forget all that,I went to this place called the Okhla bird Sanctuary-No birds,but a pretty sweet place.
Took some pictures.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Only in Dilli!

People piss on walls in most of southeast Asia. Its a continent thing.
But where else does this happen:
You see a guy get off his scooter and fly his fly and start painting your boundary wall.You tell him,WTF are you doing,that’s MY wall!
And he says,And?Its my dick!

You know you’re in Saddi Dilli.

Fir there’s OSC.
Opportunistic Seat capture.
When you get off your seat in a bus or train to make space for someone who needs it more than you-like a hot chick.Or an old man or an injured woman.But mostly a hot chick.You do that and someone you hadn’t even realized was there sneaks up like a 24 carat ninja and steals it.And if you recover from the awkwardness of it all and actually ask him to make space,you’re ignored like snowflakes on a mating polar bear.

And people are so annoyed all the time,I mean you smile at someone,especially a girl,just cordially and you get a dragon stare.
A pretty fuckin great poet once wrote-

You smile.
To you,
you’re Richard Branson.
To her,
You’re Marilyn Manson.

That guy was THE truth.

But there lies the amazing-ity of delhi.

Forget DLF Emporio, that shit is overpriced.
SN Market is the place to be. You get Guchchi, Gutchi, Goochi and similar brands that at least do justice to the pronunciation.
That’s not all though, I swear I saw a hawker selling Lois Vitthal T shirt. Thats for all you religious south Indian Superman fans out there.
And there are so many D&G variants available, I wont be surprised if I see a Dholki and Gubbara shirt.

And how many cities in the world have License offices playing Linkin Park’s In the End in the examination centre? One and one only.

Then there’s the most randomest of art installations-Metallic sperms-in the AIIMS flyover area proving that optimus prime and his very large brothers werent born on no cybertron.

Then there’s the phenomena where the street vendor quadruples the price ASA he notices a white guy, without the slightest hint of racism. Its Bisiness.White man good for bisiness.

Sir,oorijnal Ray ban goggles hai,aapke liye sadhe teen saw laga denge.
White guy enters,looks at the glasses curiously.

Some of that stuff may happen at other places-Bangkok, Karachi or Dhaka or something, but HEY ,I have never been to Bangkok Dhaka OR Karachi. So it doesn’t right?
Half knowledge is a pretty useful thing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is a random post again.

India defeated Australia,Yuvraj and Raina hugged & kissed for half a minute on the field and Ricky Ponting looked even more like a depressed George w bush.
After that,the messages began to pour in.

One read: Goro ki galiyon ka badla khoon se!
And:Match fix hai,brett lee ka khoon nakli tha! (lol ligaman)
Plus the now popular joke about Ponting’s wife givin him tea in a plate cuz Dhoni took the cup.

And atleast ten more equally zealous pieces which I had to delete for a lack of space.

So Yesterday, I was walking down from the market and I heard some commotion, looked that way and saw a couple of10-11 yr old kids shoving each other around.
I ignored it and went home.
Fifteen minutes later, I went to the market again because I had forgotten to take the grocery after paying the guy. I am that lame.
So I reached that place and saw that they were still at it except the shoving and pushing had turned into a violent fight with one of the kids waving a FUCKING SIX INCH LONG GODDAMNED HUNTING KNIFE at the other.
The mothers were shouting abuses at each other, full maa behen stuff.

Anyway, I tried to stop the fight (from afar of course) before police walas came and dispersed them  by slapping the shit out of the two protags.


1>Sid’s Website/blog/weblog/chewbacca:

This guy’s a designer of sorts(because I’m still better than him),and a bien ami (?) of mine.His stuff is called koncept33 and it’s fressssh. Check it out. It’ll make him happy.He’ll send you parle-g biscuits.

2>Pissing on beautiful toilets:

Yes,pissing on beautiful things is epicly satisfying.Tyler durden does it all the time..

3>Russel fuckin peters:
If you don’t know RP,you don’t know how a guy can be a racist and yet get the most left winged liberals laughing like potato sacks.

4>Folk/Indie Rock:
Feeling down?That’s okay,nothing five minutes of folk rock can’t heal,as you swirl with the music through forests and snow capped mountains where polar bears wait to rip you to shreds and eat your liver.

Nuff said.

I watched the fighter;amazing movie.But you know what the funny thing was?
Cristian Bale’s character was called Dick Eklund.
The guy oughta be glad he doesn’t live in India.
Dick EkLund?
That sounds like a movie from south India.
Like Mawali Ek Playboy.
Which,I swear really is a movie.

Some photos next time J I hope.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The loss of a mind.

It’s been some time guys!
And my computer is still comatose,so i'm using a computer cafe with this guy staring at my screen because he's finished sending friend requests to the model types of the opposite sex.

But whatever.
Now Yesterday,was a MAJOR FML DAY.
Notice the bold font,the italics AND the underline? That major.
So major,in fact,that all the generals and the colonels salute and cower whenever they see it pass.

So I had this exam and I wanted to reach college on time,LOOOOOL that’s probably the funniest thing I have ever written,but moving i got in the bus to the metro station.I was on the most comfortable centre seat,listening to Chris martin sing about the dead not being dead but rather in his bed in his house with his wife.
Lost in the music i saw new avenues open up in front of my eyes.Soon i was in a completely new world,looking around calmly,then neutrally and then alarmed as i realized i was just in the wrong bus.
So i got off at the next stop and walked the two kilometers to the nearest metro station.Soon I was on the metro,earphones on,standing(of course) for the next twenty minutes before realizing that the train was now halting south of where i started,rather than north.
So this time,I was on the wrong goddamn metro.
Pissed at my self for acting like my friend lovnish (inside joke,please ignore) I got off the train and got into the opposite one.
I reached the moshpit called rajiv chowk and climbed out and across the overbridge and into the NOIDA train.
Only,it wasnt the NOIDA train.
You see,due to getting on to the metro from the side opposite to waht i usually do ,I ended up on the side opposite to what i usually do.But out of habit,i still crossed over and the rest as they say,is obvious.
I wriggled out at the next station in the middle of a frenzy of forced,unconsensual,unintentional(mostly) make out sessions between the 200,000 people stuffed inside that compartment and i thought,WHAT THE GODZILLA HELL?
I mean once is kinda funny,twice is annoying,but THRICE? That's just complete assholeness.

this guy does things like that.

Its as stupid as Captain marvel's uniform or ..akshay kumar movies or ..sreesanth's bowling.
And hell,when i finally reached college,already late,my name wasnt on the fucking list.And this being amity,i had to run from one office to another to another to another ,covering around 1476.488 kms-which is actually quite a lot for someone who hates to jog-and when i finally did reach the exam hall for the fifteen minutes left,i saw the question paper and i wondered if it was really worth all that.

Then in the afternoon to register for the college bus,i was once again dispatched across the seven seas,over snow capped hills and through deserts to the fourteen offices which directed me to ach other from where i was finally sent to pluto where a son of a bitch alien in a three piece suit politely informed me that the office was closed today.

Infact,if not for the four seasons style bathroom installations,my college often reminds me of the SBI branch near my house.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Growing my hair and Cartoon Intros and stuff.

Hey guys.
So I’ve decided to grow my hair.Verrrry long.Infact,I won’t cut it for the next six months.
At least Ill try to. You see, ive never really kept very long hair, and till last year, I generally had a crew cut most of the time. But now I want big hair.
Like this.

Well, that’s not strictly hair, but it’s not strictly beard either is it.

Moving on to more important issues.

So I was watching a nigahiga video-the being gangsta one I think-when I stumbled upon ….the intro song for swat kats. OMG,I was so overcome by nostalgia,good,sweet,damning nostalgia,that I watched EVERY INTRO OF EVERY FUCKING CARTOON EVER FUCKING MADE. 
Even dragon ball .
Which is technically not a cartoon-it’s an anime-with the Wayne static hair and the never ending fight sequences.But you get it.
JLT, My favorite was the ‘94 Spiderman song. Groovy and dark.
Random facts of the day-
-You’ve gotta listen to this song called the curse of curves by Cute is what we aim for.
That’s a fact.
-You can send me to the remotest corner of the Amizones,You can throw me into the worst riots ever, You can lock me up in a chamber with four hundred thousand …I dunno,shark eating potato beans. That aint got shit on what I do daily. I travel in the Delhi Metro.
But don’t EVER put a guy in the women’s compartment. Apocalypse is a flavor of cotton candy compared to that.
-I fucking HATE the red and green lines whenever i type something in word. I don’t care if I align my comma a little too close to the next word,word. Can you turn them off btw?
-Check this out-if you haven’t yet-
# Go to Google Translate
# Type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty".
# English to Vietnamese.
# Copy & paste the Vietnamese words.
# Vietnamese to English.
 Found it on FB.

 -I have a math test tomorrow. Screw math.screw tests. Screw them and nail them and hang a miley cirus photograph on.

World be damned, I'm off to sleep.