Monday, January 31, 2011

Growing my hair and Cartoon Intros and stuff.

Hey guys.
So I’ve decided to grow my hair.Verrrry long.Infact,I won’t cut it for the next six months.
At least Ill try to. You see, ive never really kept very long hair, and till last year, I generally had a crew cut most of the time. But now I want big hair.
Like this.

Well, that’s not strictly hair, but it’s not strictly beard either is it.

Moving on to more important issues.

So I was watching a nigahiga video-the being gangsta one I think-when I stumbled upon ….the intro song for swat kats. OMG,I was so overcome by nostalgia,good,sweet,damning nostalgia,that I watched EVERY INTRO OF EVERY FUCKING CARTOON EVER FUCKING MADE. 
Even dragon ball .
Which is technically not a cartoon-it’s an anime-with the Wayne static hair and the never ending fight sequences.But you get it.
JLT, My favorite was the ‘94 Spiderman song. Groovy and dark.
Random facts of the day-
-You’ve gotta listen to this song called the curse of curves by Cute is what we aim for.
That’s a fact.
-You can send me to the remotest corner of the Amizones,You can throw me into the worst riots ever, You can lock me up in a chamber with four hundred thousand …I dunno,shark eating potato beans. That aint got shit on what I do daily. I travel in the Delhi Metro.
But don’t EVER put a guy in the women’s compartment. Apocalypse is a flavor of cotton candy compared to that.
-I fucking HATE the red and green lines whenever i type something in word. I don’t care if I align my comma a little too close to the next word,word. Can you turn them off btw?
-Check this out-if you haven’t yet-
# Go to Google Translate
# Type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty".
# English to Vietnamese.
# Copy & paste the Vietnamese words.
# Vietnamese to English.
 Found it on FB.

 -I have a math test tomorrow. Screw math.screw tests. Screw them and nail them and hang a miley cirus photograph on.

World be damned, I'm off to sleep.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Name.

Why the name,you might ask.
Well,the reason is this : Because the teletubbies were the scariest racially divided pot bellied strange-signs-on-their-heads monster alien predator serial killer Godzilla dinosaur dragon ghostly phantom monster alien predators of all time.
Wikipedia:” In the closing sequence, all the Teletubbies say "Bye-Bye" three times. The narrator bids each Teletubby goodbye, and they disappear, but reappear a moment later saying "Boo!"
I bet the narrator still has a nightmare,where he opens the bathroom door and Dipsy is sitting on the seat and it smiles and goes BOOOOO! I will now eat you,eh-oh!
And they eat cookies with smiling human faces on them.Just like old Dr. Lecter.
Don’t tell me the kid in the sun doesn’t creep you out when he smiles?
And the effects they have on kids?
I mean their guardian is a vaccum cleaner.
So don’t go what the fuck! if six year old kids run around screaming, “HEY DAD! SUCK IT!”
And meaning it literally.
The worst part is, three year old kids that grew up on teletubbies are now in their late teens.
No wonder crime rates are this high.
         I always knew la-la was a quiet one.