Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The loss of a mind.

It’s been some time guys!
And my computer is still comatose,so i'm using a computer cafe with this guy staring at my screen because he's finished sending friend requests to the model types of the opposite sex.

But whatever.
Now Yesterday,was a MAJOR FML DAY.
Notice the bold font,the italics AND the underline? That major.
So major,in fact,that all the generals and the colonels salute and cower whenever they see it pass.

So I had this exam and I wanted to reach college on time,LOOOOOL that’s probably the funniest thing I have ever written,but moving on.so i got in the bus to the metro station.I was on the most comfortable centre seat,listening to Chris martin sing about the dead not being dead but rather in his bed in his house with his wife.
Lost in the music i saw new avenues open up in front of my eyes.Soon i was in a completely new world,looking around calmly,then neutrally and then alarmed as i realized i was just in the wrong bus.
So i got off at the next stop and walked the two kilometers to the nearest metro station.Soon I was on the metro,earphones on,standing(of course) for the next twenty minutes before realizing that the train was now halting south of where i started,rather than north.
So this time,I was on the wrong goddamn metro.
Pissed at my self for acting like my friend lovnish (inside joke,please ignore) I got off the train and got into the opposite one.
I reached the moshpit called rajiv chowk and climbed out and across the overbridge and into the NOIDA train.
Only,it wasnt the NOIDA train.
You see,due to getting on to the metro from the side opposite to waht i usually do ,I ended up on the side opposite to what i usually do.But out of habit,i still crossed over and the rest as they say,is obvious.
I wriggled out at the next station in the middle of a frenzy of forced,unconsensual,unintentional(mostly) make out sessions between the 200,000 people stuffed inside that compartment and i thought,WHAT THE GODZILLA HELL?
I mean once is kinda funny,twice is annoying,but THRICE? That's just complete assholeness.

this guy does things like that.

Its as stupid as Captain marvel's uniform or ..akshay kumar movies or ..sreesanth's bowling.
And hell,when i finally reached college,already late,my name wasnt on the fucking list.And this being amity,i had to run from one office to another to another to another ,covering around 1476.488 kms-which is actually quite a lot for someone who hates to jog-and when i finally did reach the exam hall for the fifteen minutes left,i saw the question paper and i wondered if it was really worth all that.

Then in the afternoon to register for the college bus,i was once again dispatched across the seven seas,over snow capped hills and through deserts to the fourteen offices which directed me to ach other from where i was finally sent to pluto where a son of a bitch alien in a three piece suit politely informed me that the office was closed today.

Infact,if not for the four seasons style bathroom installations,my college often reminds me of the SBI branch near my house.


  1. hahaha.. oh no! I mean awwwwahahaha

    what is with you and metros !?

    Also, I'm glad I nagged.. [ Annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent & continuous urging ] :P haha

  2. dude...i forgot...nd nw i remember . y din i get a hurry up call in da morning..ahhahaha u got screwed ....nd whats up wid dat pic of kalmadi i guess,,,,if he is kalmadi.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! :))

    Poor you!!

    Hahahahahahaahaha!! :))


  4. @Vam(p?)- Yes nag-er,im glad you did too.=D
    I dunno man,but for some reason the metro seems to hate me with a passion:(

    @Atif-Ha gadhe :p

    @Blue- Lol dude :D

  5. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    And LOL! That sounds like an adventure to be frank... whoever wanted to reach an exam on time anyway :P :D


  6. :D I was told about this by you so I feel special.

  7. You ARE special!...lol jk you're not,you're the same decaying organic matter as everyting else =D

  8. ^Fight club, much?

    Also, hahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahha


  10. Fight club rules =D

    And thankkkkks :)

  11. Dude. The comments are equally fun to read. Just sayin'.

    Btw, Captain Marvel from the mangaverse special actually had a decent outfit. Wait...that was him right?

    Oh and yeah. Fight Club rules.

  12. He was a 12 year old kid man.
    Anything goes for kids.

  13. "So major,in fact,that all the generals and the colonels salute and cower whenever they see it pass."