Friday, August 5, 2011

Strange picture week #1

My phone has been acting weird lately,which I suppose is a step up from the usual not acting at all,or being stolen.
But really,it's been telling me that the battery I'm using is invalid.Now WTF is that supposed to mean?
I mean I'm almost certain I didn't insert AA cells this time.
It keeps typing 69 on the keypad on its own.even sending 69 messages to random people i dont even talk to .i wonder what kind of sex obsessed ghost haunts phones these days.

I've been HOOKED to classic rock these days. I think It rocks.It is the best thing in music.I think classis rock is CLASSIC.And I think it ROCKS.Like CLASSIC ROCK.I think it just fucking rules.I dont even think anymore.
But seriously,i love it. And it's probably because of Supernatural.
Yes,the show about hunting demons with the power of brotherly love,trash talk and hot chicks.
But forget all that,I went to this place called the Okhla bird Sanctuary-No birds,but a pretty sweet place.
Took some pictures.